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Homestay placement


For decades, the cross-cultural homestay has been considered the best educational vehicle for the development of real international understanding. There are profound opportunities for cultural immersion for students who take part by living with a well-vetted host family while attending a local high school abroad.

About our French Host Families…


The host family is probably the most important element of such programs. It is for this reason that we pay special attention to their selection.

Our families are selected based on multiple interviews and visits.

We choose families who want to take advantage of this cultural experience and who will accept students as if they were their own children.

We are very careful when choosing our host families and we place the students according to common interests, hobbies and all other criteria that will make the student comfortable with the host family.


All families are located in safe area in many different regions of France.

A placement may be anywhere in France, in small towns or large cities.

Regardless of the location, however, students live out their French experience in a warm, welcoming family.


Host families receive a small remuneration for hosting in order to help them in the daily expenses. Each host family agrees to provide its international “son or daughter” with meals and his or her own bed.

Just as in every country, every family is different. Whether you have your own room or not, whether you have one brother or sister or many siblings, whether the mother is a housewife or city banker… the possibilities are endless.

Some host families have hosted participants from a number of different countries over the years. For others, hosting is a first time experience. Host families do not want or expect a “boarder,” but rather a new friend and family member. They look forward to welcoming you into their family!


We have chosen ARAM because it’s a human-scale organization, where the foreign teenagers’ wishes are taken into account (region, children, animals…) for the placement in their future host family, which is not the case of all organizations.
We have got 2 children and have hosted 6 foreign teenagers with ARAM: Andrea and Elena in 2015, Eric, Seren and Amina in 2014 and Cara in 2013. We have spent wonderful moments with them: each one brings his/her own way of life, roots, culture, passion. We all travel together thanks to this experience (a dish, an anecdote…).
We are regularly in relation with all the teenagers who have stayed at home, they all come back each year, the links we have created are very strong. When they come back, they have the opportunity to meet the teenagers of the previous years and some links have been created as well. We now are a big family.

Our son event went to Mexico with his host sister for Christmas and we are expected in many places in Europe and in Mexico.

Béatrice from “La Ciotat”

Aram's local representatives

There is a local representative who is an experienced coordinator and knows the host families and frequently contacts students and families. He or she meets with both entities on a regular basis to assure that everything is going well at the school and in the family. The representative is available 24/7 for the student, in case of any problem.

The local representative will visited the host families before every welcome and give then a brief about emergency and insurance procedures.